All-Round Performance

Versatile, user-friendly performance board that handles from knee-high to well overhead, and excels in open-faced, rippable waves.

The Blender is shaped for high-performance surfing, and features a wider overall template and a somewhat relaxed rocker (compared to a comp board built for hollow waves), making it more forgiving and allowing it to thrive in anything from knee-high slop to solid, down-the-line, open-faced peelers. This combination of design elements makes for an all-round performance board that turns on a dime, glides through flat sections, and locks you in when nose riding.

“I built this board primarily for open-faced waves of all sizes, but preserved the necessary performance design features to handle hollow sections as well. I first rode this board in the 2015 World Longboard Tour event in China, and ended up finishing 3rd in the world—so I can assure you the design works!”

Specifications 9’1” x 22 1/2” x 2 7/8″
Volume 62L
Fins 2+1 | FCS II side boxes & FCS longbox
Shaper Ben Skinner

The Blender